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Hunter Ink Communications

Communication. Culture. Capacity. Coaching.



I want to help you realize your goals through clear communication, coaching, increasing capacity, and enhancing culture.

I take a value-based approach to everything I do and my purpose is to support you in being successful - however you define success. 

I provide a range of services including content creation, proofreading, editing, press releases, website content, and technical writing.
I work with leaders and companies to create a values-driven culture and organization. Defining your purpose will drive success.
I will connect you with resources and opportunities. Services include business development, fundraising, proposal writing, and feasibility studies. 
I'm a Certified Executive Coach and use a values-based approach to coaching to help you define and realize your personal and professional goals. Understanding your core values is key to finding overall alignment. 



One of my first memories is being in the hospital at the age of three. I don’t remember anything about why or how long I was there, what I remember is having a firm grip on Sesame Street alphabet cards–one with “G” for Grover to be exact. Despite everything going on around me, those cards and letters were what I cared about.

My love of letters carried into a childhood full of words. Whether that was winning summer reading challenges (yeah – I was that kid), spelling contests or pecking away at an old typewriter, words ruled everything around me.

My passion for words and communicating carried into my academic career, leading me to complete a Bachelor of Journalism concurrently with a Bachelor of Science. My goal is to not only understand complex concepts, but communicate them concisely and clearly. It’s tragic to think how many big ideas are lost in translation to smaller words.

My Vision

Words are powerful. It can sometimes be difficult to know the right ones to use and which word best suits the intended message.

I want to help others use words in a way that best communicates their message – whether that’s website content, a story, a technical report, defining values or making a case for financial support. 

I’m here to help you communicate. To reach goals. To make a point. To be heard.




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